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There is no single human society that does not have music as a significant part of its everyday culture. People are inherently musical, given the chance. (How many people do you see each day with headphones and earbuds attached?) But just listening to music isn't enough to get a full appreciation of the art. Listening only touches the surface of the experience. Musicians, even those with minimal hands-on experience, listen differently and have a greater depth of love and understanding of music. Playing music changes people. It makes them more culturally sensitive and aware, and increases their intellectual flexibility and capacity. (Click on the  "Why study music?" tab above to learn more.)

As a teacher, I customize each student's course of study to help them achieve their goals as a musician and pianist. I believe that anyone can play the piano well with the right teacher helping them. Actually, most musical concepts are only mysterious or difficult until they are explained properly and practiced. (Click on the "My method" tab above for details about my teaching philosophy.)

There are lots of teachers out there to choose from, so whether you want lessons for yourself or your child, consider learning from someone who has made a specialty of teaching both children and adults to play piano and read music. I am willing to provide the flexibility busy kids and working adults need. I do not insist on a regular weekly schedule nor on rigid lesson times, and compared to most other teachers, I am very generous in regard to last minute rescheduling. Click on the "Lessons" tab above for further details, including cost and location. And I am also able to and happy to provide virtual lessons through Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom.

I will help you learn to play any style you want, but I also provide my students with a comprehensive education in all aspects and styles of music, including basic improvisation skills and theory.

I am one of the longest established teachers in Brooklyn with over 30 years of experience. I am an active performer, with a local following and reputation as a teacher, pianist, conductor, and composer. I have a Bachelor's degree in music education as well as a Master's and Ph.D. in music. And, I am one of the only private piano teachers in Brooklyn is also a college music professor. Click on the "My bio" tab above for my full credentials.

 Here is what some of my students have to say:

When I first met Steven Coburn, I was immediately impressed by the sheer intelligence and ingenuity of his approach to teaching music and piano. His teaching seamlessly bridges the gap between the visually oriented Classical world, and the aurally oriented world of the modern pop/rock/jazz world. Having come from a Classical background where I learned to sight read, but couldn’t play by ear or improvise, I was delighted with the well-rounded approach of his teaching methods. No matter what your past experience has been, piano lessons with Steve will bolster your strengths and remedy your weaknesses. I feel a greater sense of freedom now at the piano, I’m starting to improvise (as well as read music) and I love my lessons! Long gone are the dreaded days of tense music lessons; Steve is always fun, enthusiastic and incredibly intelligent. His two-pronged approach to teaching piano -- though amazingly logical -- is seemingly rare in the greater music community. Lessons with Steve supply the best of both “worlds” and are truly a great investment. He is worth at least two teachers in one.

"Learning how to play the piano has always been stressful for me but the growth I've experienced working with Steven has taught me how to surrender to the process and take joy in the journey. He never runs out of new ways to inspire me to go to the next level, to identify my gifts, to challenge my perceptions, to broaden my views and increase my skills. I look forward to my Monday morning lessons because I learn something new every week and I am encouraged to let my artistic side run free. Thanks Steven."

"I started lessons a few years ago never having taken a lesson before. I went through 3 teachers until I found Steven Coburn. He is fantastic for adults. He truly understands time issues and other pressures of adulthood."

"I have found Dr. Coburn to be a patient and knowledgeable teacher, whose lucid explanation of the piano motivated me to study harder and try to master the keyboard. With his guidance I was able to translate the theory into practical playing. I recommend Dr. Coburn to any serious student who wishes to acquire a command of the keyboard."

I have some musical background but little real training. Steven is able to access the musical resources I do bring while making sure he structures my lessons in a way that is appropriate for a beginner on the piano. He has clearly thought long and hard about how best to teach. Consequently I feel secure in the knowledge that I'm on a structured path with much to look forward to as I progress. But the progress is fun too. My beginner lessons aspire to musicality in the here-and-now while simultaneously attending to conceptual and technical development. It takes a talented, creative and patient teacher to pull all of these things off. Steven is just such a teacher. I recommend him highly.

  • Do you or your child already play the piano, but are bored with lessons or frustrated with slow progress? Playing well is NOT just a matter of talent.

  • Are you interested in getting the best possible instruction right from the beginning? Why not take a few minutes to compare teachers and studios and what they can offer?

  • Do you wonder what the benefits of studying music actually are?

  • Do you wish you could find a teacher who can actually teach you the physical skills involved in playing the piano?

  • How would you like to have the same spontaneity and confidence as the best jazz and rock musicians?

  • How would you like to be freed of the written notes? Or would you prefer to improve your music reading skills? Or better yet, why not both?


My name is Steven Coburn and I am here to help you achieve your goals on the piano.

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