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I have a unique and exciting approach that actually teaches the physical skill of playing the piano by integrating body and ear in a way that opens up your potential far more quickly than the usual popular methods. Most piano teachers focus on teaching the intellectual concepts of music such as reading notation, learning songs, and studying scales and chords. These are, of course, essential to the study of music. But very few teachers focus on the physical and coordinational aspects of piano playing. I teach a unique approach that analyzes the student’s physical movements and then integrates body and ear in a way that opens up their potential far more quickly than traditional methods. Jazz musicians learn music largely by ear rather than from the written notes. This accounts for their spontaneous and naturally fluent technique, as well as the exciting rhythmic vitality that is an unmistakable quality of the best musicians. By combining the teaching principles of Abby Whiteside and the body mapping principles pioneered by Barbara and Benjamin Conable and combining it with the rigorous training methods of the top American and Russian Conservatories, I have learned to instill this method of playing and learning music in my students. The result is better and quicker progress, as well as a rekindled joy in the act of making music, which ought to be a natural extension of each individual’s expression. If you have ever sat and listened with envy at so-called natural pianists who seem able to play effortlessly and spontaneously even though they may lack formal training or even the ability to read music, then my method is for you.

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all my lessons are integrated with study in ear training and theory.
(I also teach these subjects separately for those whose instrument is not the piano. Contact me for further information.)